Hello there!  In May of 2010 I graduated with an engineering degree after putting myself through college.  On my graduation day I was unhealthy and in debt, but I knew I had the potential to turn my life around with hard work and dedication.

As I pushed myself to be a better person all around, I noticed a funny thing.  Any time I made an attempt to improve either my financial situation (wallet), my health (wasteline) or the environment (world), I ended up accidentally doing good in one of the other categories; sometimes all of them!

For example, I started taking the bus to work, to save money (wallet).  My office is in the middle of nowhere, so if I took the bus, I was also forced to pack my own lunch.  My lunches were healthier than Taco Bell (wasteline), saved me from the restaurant mark-up (wallet), and I was no longer throwing away paper wrappers and plastic lids (world).

WalletWastelineWorld is a place to chronicle my journey with my husband, Mr WWW, as we navigate our journey towards ultimate health and financial independence!


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